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We believe in combining the best technology solutions with
experienced people to offer your business a truly bespoke
debt collection solution.


Since its inception, IDC has opted to develop, amplify and refine its own in-house IT system. This investment continuously improves our performance and enhances our competitive edge in the market place. Our ability to dynamically keep abreast of the latest software and technological developments and also to tailor our software to our clients’ specific needs and requirements, uniquely further support our position in the industry. Our servers are hosted off-site in a safe and protected environment, thereby securing the integrity of our clients’ data.


Our collections software is capable of successfully integrating with the latest technology in the collections environment, as so far has already been done with Teleforge dialing solutions, Paym8 debit order solutions, Pay@, automated SMS and e-mail systems.


We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach but preferred to develop our own diary system in such a manner that we can identify which specific approach to use when dealing with particular debtors.

To this end, our collections software automatically diarises our collectors’ diaries according to priority and scoring methods developed over the years. This ensures that every debtor receives the appropriate attention for the best possible results.


Clients can request collection progress reports on their debtors handed over to us. Such reports can also be customized to meet clients’ specific needs.

Tel: (011) 867 2999 | Fax: (011) 867 3999 | Council for Debt Collectors Registration number is 0003981/03.

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